It's Only Your Reputation

Using Social Mention to Manage your Social Media Your company’s image and reputation are among the most important assets of a small business, and keeping these strong is vital for success.

The Conversation Isn’t Local Any More

In the past, you might have gone down to the local coffee shop to get your news about what was happening in your town. You could get up to date on the current scandals, your competitors latest faux pas and maybe even some intelligence about your own company. Generally speaking, what happened in your town stayed in your town and for small business owners, reputation and image were dealt with locally.

Lemons into Lemonade

What to do if the buzz goes negative?

What to Do When the Buzz goes NegativeThe internet is both a gift and a curse for most companies. It allows them access to more potential customers and positive product reviews, but it also opens them up to criticism. Even when businesses try their best they may fall afoul of specific customers and a particularly stinging online review can truly make a business look bad and drive away potential profits. So what are companies to do about bad “buzz” from the online world?

Four Social Media Sites You Don't Use (But Others Do)

Facebook.  YouTube. Twitter. Sure, you know the biggies, and like all the other business owners hoping to increase conversion with social media, you have your accounts all set up and current.  They have engaging content and tightly focused marketing copy. Well, maybe not everything is where you would like it, but you think you have your bases covered.

However, there is still plenty of online social media real estate to be had, and since preferences and popularity shifts so rapidly on the internet these days, it does not hurt to have your eggs in more than one basket.  Whether you’re just starting out with social media or you’ve been doing it for a while, one of the goals of  social media  is to engage with your current and potential customers at the places they are “hanging out”.   Therefore, here are four most popular places to hang out on the web (besides the ones you already know about).

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What's Up with Google Buzz; Do I Need It For My Social Media Strategy?

google buzzIs anyone else starting to feel overwhelmed with the number of social media networks to keep up with? To add to the long list of ways to “join the conversation,” Google Buzz is a new social networking platform that launched this last Tuesday, February 9, 2010.  It is social networking tool that allows Gmail users to share updates, photos, videos, links and more instantaneously online and on Android phones and the iPhone.

How Sticky Are You?

Sticky Man by Tiago

Sticky Man by Tiago

Everyone knows the guy that likes to talk about himself. He drones on and on about his college football years or his recent ingrown toenail removal. For those of us not clever enough to fake a conversation-stopping seizure, social protocol demands we make a polite excuse and edge away slowly. If your business website is dull, it receives no such courtesy. Visitors, bored with your generic ‘About Us’ page and malfunctioning contact form, simply close the tab. You have to be sticky.

Keeping Up To Date in Social Media

In social media I have learned you have to have an attitude of continual learning. In the age of social media, things change so fast that what we knew about a subject yesterday may not apply to today. What matters is less about what we knew in the past, and much more about how open we are to learning today. You have to have an open mind to education each and every day if you want to stay ahead of the game.

Five Things to Watch for in Social Media for 2010

For companies, 2010 will be about more clearly connecting social media to business objectives and better understanding how to measure the direct and indirect return on investment of social media. Integrating social media into the sales funnel to support lead generation and transactions will be a top priority.

Here is what to watch out for in 2010 for social media: