Five Best Free Web Analytics Tools

Everyone likes free stuff, especially if that free stuff can boost your website conversion rate. Here are five free tools available online to help you get started analyzing your website.

  1. Google Analytics – Certainly not the first web analytics tool out there, but easily the most popular, Google Analytics absolutely dominates the field, here. The developers pride themselves on its efficient displays and reporting functions, and frequent updates ensure a cutting edge experience. A big plus here is the ability to graphically separate different user demographics and explore your visitor data visually. The biggest complaint against the tool—that website accounts could never be deleted—has been resolved, leaving Google Analytics a strong option for anyone wanting to improve their website.

10 Tips to Maximize Usability During A Website Redesign

Few people enjoy going back and revising or correcting what they’ve done before.  But, that’s exactly what you could be faced with, if usability is not included in your website’s redesign process.
Examples of companies not taking customers into account during a redesign and then finding their redesigned website to be less customer friendly (and therefore getting less orders) than the old one are not uncommon.   But you can greatly improve the odds that your website will be a big hit with your customers if you include usability in website redesign.

Conversations on Website Conversion Giveaway

Become one of 5 lucky winners of:  Greening Your Small Business: How to Improve your Bottom Line, Grow your Brand, Satisfy your Customers, and Save the Planet, by Jennifer Kaplan.

The Conversations on Website Conversion Book Club selected Greening your Small Business as it’s next book to read and discuss.  To promote the book club, we will be giving away 5 copies of  Greening your Small Business on April 29th 2010.

Synopsis of the Book:

Want to be an eco-conscious business, but are worried that it will cost you too much money? Learn how you can implement changes in your business, that not only help the planet, but will help your businesses’ profitability too.
From greening your office supplies, to greening your shipping services and utilizing green information technology, this book is designed for easy use, featuring:

  • Simple ways to make your workplace greener
  • Action plans for going green

Join us as we read and discuss ways we can make a positive change to the environment and to our businesses.

Rescued By A Unique Value Proposition

Your visitors are in need, they want something and you can solve their problem…but you only have 2-3 seconds to convince them that you can.  Can your website deliver?  Is it up to the challenge?

The tension mounts.  The visitor’s at the 1.75 second point and suddenly their eyes flicker over your Unique Value Proposition, and your website is saved.

Do You Know Your Company’s Unique Value Proposition?

A Unique Value Proposition defines who and what you are as a company.  It is the essence of your organization that can be reduced to a couple of sentences on the back of a cocktail napkin.  In great companies, it’s not just a slogan or a tag line.  It is a belief that is held by everyone in the company, from the owner to the part-time clerk.  Your Unique Value Proposition is one of the hardest working and least understood elements of your website. Without one, many argue, your website and its message will get lost in the white noise of the Internet.

The Fisherman's Guide to Using Social Media

Fishing by jakesmome

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re  looking forward to the start of the Salmon season , so bear with me as I loosely apply age-old fishing imagery to improving conversion with social media.

Step 1: Bait Your Hook. Offer up some bait on your social networking sites.  Look for questions people are asking online about your field, and have one of your employees visibly help them out. Announce a giveaway for your fans and followers, preferably with one of your own products or services if appropriate, or at least an iPod.  Be the nice, doting company that lumbers about the social sites doing good deeds, selling stuff on the side just for fun.

Conversations on Website Conversion Book Club: 2010 4

Getting Found in Social Media – Chapter 7, “Inbound Marketing”
Why care about Social Media?  Because, it gives you a great way to reach and engage future and current customers.  The end of the chapter lists 26 ways to establish and improve your Social Media presence.  If you completed the whole list, you would get a really good feel for most of the main Social Media channels.