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A new landing page brings a change in conversion rates from 11% to 29% and a reduced cost for conversion per lead from $17.33 to $7.73 for mortgage banker, Craig Mitchell. Diamond Website Conversion helped Craig determine what kind of clients he wanted to attract, what his goals were, and more information about his target market before…

Craig Mitchell

Mortgage Broker

A redesigned website leads to a 50% increase in conversions and n ot just more leads but also higher quality leads for Jeff Root, owner of Root Financial Services. Diamond Website Conversion’s suggestions for his copy and contact form were key elements in improving his conversion rate. Diamond Website Conversion was a game changer for Root Financial Services

Jeff Root

Owner, Root Financial

Carl and Marty Diamond of Diamond Website Conversion are the “perfect recipe” for wedding services provider Mike Staff, founder and CEO of Mike Staff Productions. “They often spot things I never would have seen, and they keep up with everything that’s evolving in internet marketing,” explains Mike.

Mike Staff