Web Analytics for Small Businesses

You are on the right page – if this describes you:

  • You have Google Analytics installed on your website
  • You know you are supposed to make money with it
  • You have no idea how to make that happen

 What can you learn from Google Analytics?

  • How effective are your marketing campaigns – SEO, PPC, Email, Facebook? Are you getting a positive return on your investment of time/money?
  • Which email campaigns are bringing you the most sales or leads?
  • Which ads are driving sales?  Which are not?
  • Are there pages on your site that get a lot of traffic bring in few leads?
  • Do blog readers result in email subscribers?
  • Is the time/money you’re putting into Facebook paying off?

 What you get

  • Custom dashboards and reporting
  • Conversion goals and funnels
  • A deep dive into your analytics
  • A 45-minute video conference to talk over results and recommendations
  • Actionable ideas for a quick ROI

 What does it cost?

  • Pricing starts at $450 per session
  • No setup or termination fees
  • No minimum term agreements

 What qualifies us to do this?

What’s next?

Learn how to make money with Google Analytics

Gain Important Insights with Analytics Consulting

If you’re like most small business owners, you check your website analytics once each week or so. You look at the number of visitors, the number of page views, minutes spent on your site and the web conversion rate.

But are you getting the full story? Could you be missing golden opportunities to improve your conversion rate?

Web Analytics Service That Does All the Hard Work For You

Using Google Analytics, we determine actionable insights that can significantly improve your website’s performance.

We go beyond simple data reporting and proactively seek ways to improve your website conversion rates. Like a CSI team, we combine science with art, utilizing a “forensics” approach to uncover areas where your site could work harder and smarter.

Read more about our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services

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