The Biggest Problem on Your Website, Period.

I rarely go an hour, let alone an entire day, without seeing an undifferentiated website.  In fact, I rarely see a good example of a differentiated one.

Why is this a problem and how does it cost you money?

A new visitor to your website doesn’t just come with one problem or question.  Namely, “How do I get this product or service I’m looking for”?  They come with two questions. The other one is, “Of all the websites offering this, how do I know which one to choose”?

Engaging Your Customers

Customer Engagement When it comes to selling merchandise to customers, we tend to focus on only one thing: selling our wares. This is obviously important, since it is only through selling inventory to customers that we are able to make a profit and stay in business. However, there is one very important aspect of salesmanship that can be overlooked, and that is the role of the customer in the sale.

Copywriting to Improve your Conversion Rate

copywriting for conversion While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a website without any words is likely to be ineffective. Even with an appealing graphic design and strategic layout, you’re unlikely to have a high conversion rate without text. In fact, text is actually the most important feature of your website; after all, it’s the text that is the key to attracting browsers in the first place.

Local SEO for Small Businesses

Are  Your Customers Finding Your Small Business?

As a small business, your time and money are both at a premium. You can’t afford to waste either one on projects that won’t help the growth of your business. So you may be wondering what the point of SEO for small businesses is, especially if you serve primarily a local audience. Let’s approach the answer to that question by taking a look at how people use the internet when it comes to shopping.

9 Ways to Improve your Call To Action Buttons

Call to action buttons have received a lot of hype when it comes to optimizing web page.

While many web owners still ask themselves whether the style of the call to action button really makes all that much difference, tests show that simple changes can and do produce huge results in your click through rates.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at nine ways you can test your call to action button in order to improve performance.

Website Redesign for Usability

Website Redesign Website redesign for usability is really an abstract concept. It means to take an existing website and make modifications to is so that it is easier to use.

In some cases it means removing things so as to help streamline it. In other cases, it might mean adding items to help explain different items as well as to improve the flow of the site.

The first step in website redesign for usability is to determine what the issues with the site are. This could be in any of the following categories: