Three Questions to Kick Start Your Landing Page Optimization Plan

Successful Plan

You’re only as good as your plan

Landing pages are the doorways to conversion success. If a visitor hates your landing page, he’ll never stick around long enough to check out your awesome products and fabulous customer service.

That’s why you need a landing page optimization plan.

It shows you the way to create landing pages designed to keep customers focused on value and benefit while clearly showing how to take the next step.

When most people think of an optimization strategy, they think in terms of best practices and steps. And those are important.

But before you can start on the “how-tos” you need to have a firm grasp on the “whys.” These three questions will help you get there:

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Social Media Conversion Rates

supercharged hotrod

Supercharge social media conversions

It’s easy to get so focused on building and nurturing your social media community that you lose site of what happens to those visitors when they decide to visit your website.

Directing visitors to targeted social media landing pages gives them a sense of continuity and relevance. And, ultimately it generates more sales and leads for your business.

Here’s 6 tips for supercharging your landing pages to increase your social media conversion rates.

Three Reasons You Need Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization is like 1+1=3

The Power of Conversion Optimization

You know conversion optimization is a good thing, but are you really sold on the idea that it is essential for your business right now?

Sure, everybody wants more sales and more clicks but when tight budgets necessitate cutbacks, maybe those precious conversion dollars should be directed toward marketing instead.

Is conversion optimization important?

You bet it is. So important that it can make the difference between success or failure for your business.

Here are three crucial reasons why

What Can You Do Today to Achieve Your Website Objectives?

PDCA - Plan, Do, Check Act  - Rinse and repeat Conversion optimization specialists place heavy emphasis on testing and analysis metrics, and rightly so.

You can’t create a successful optimization strategy without significant analysis, continual testing, and close monitoring of key performance indicators.

But it’s possible to spend so much time analyzing that you never get around to acting.

If you’re a victim of “analysis paralysis,” it’s time to create a plan of action that you can begin implementing today—even if you’re still researching.

Do Your Visitors Have Action Paralysis?

Action Paralysis

Why are your visitors not converting… is it action paralysis?

How many of your customers land on your website only to browse around and leave without converting? Do your high-quality leads sometimes fail to act, even after spending time looking at all the great things you have to offer? Why is that?

We could cite plenty of possibilities, but one reason is that visitors think clicking that call to action button requires too great a commitment—a phenomenon known as “action paralysis.”

Landing Page Copy that Keeps Customers Clicking

word cloud for content development Writing effective landing pages isn’t just about communicating the necessary information.

It’s about making a connection with your audience, much the same way that a really great salesperson tries to build a relationship with you that extends beyond the walls of the store.

After all, it’s harder to say no to someone who’s just been asking about your family.

And while you can’t get quite that personal with visitors on your website, you can create effective landing pages by writing copy that encourages interaction, emotional involvement, and ultimately, conversion.

4 Website Testing Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes to Avoid in Website testing You’ve heard over and over again how important testing is if you want to improve online conversion. But maybe testing has proven to be a mixed bag for you.

It can be discouraging if your first few tests flopped altogether or maybe they only nudged your conversion rate up by half a percent.

But don’t throw in the towel yet. If your testing strategy isn’t working, then step back and see whether you’re guilty of any of these testing mistakes: