Knowing Your Social Media Venues

Social Media

Learning social media can present a steep learning curve if you’re not familiar with all the terminology.

Before you can begin the process of deciding what’s right for you, you need to understand what’s available and what the benefits of each social media venue are.

Let’s take a look at some different forms of social media and how they can help your business.

Enhancing Your Images for Website Usability

Enhancing Your Images for Usability Granted, the vast majority of website usability tips will concern your website design and copy. Most information people are looking for is in your navigation structure and your page text. However, images play a key role in website usability, as well.

A single picture can draw the eye from a sea of text, and a skilled web designer will carefully arrange images to pull the visitor along toward navigation features, action points, or any other place that leads to web conversion. Here are a few quick suggestions for the images on your site.

Website Redesign: 4 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

4 Biggest Mistakes in Website Redesign Planning to redesign your website? Before you dive in, make sure you know how to avoid these four commonly made mistakes that will undermine your conversion optimization efforts.

1.       Failure to Create a Strategy

Jumping into a web site redesign without planning first will ensure that you major on the minors and leave the majors undone.

Your strategy should include a cohesive advertising theme that corresponds to your offsite marketing and pay per click campaigns. Focus on building your brand, not just building your site.

Website Visitor Experience

Why do you tell friends about a particular website?

  • It was new and cool (who doesn’t want to be the first to discover the next greatest thing)
  • It had great prices
  • It had something unique to offer (information, products or services)

Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

The Conversionator V2 N14: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Teaching Website ConversionBe it search marketing, content marketing, social media marketing… this week’s edition is focused on small business marketing:   – According to the American Express OPEN and Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO) Small Business Search Marketing Survey, social media is the top online marketing channel for small businesses after company websites – 44% respondents used social media for marketing, 28% used SEO, and 21% used paid search