Social Media's Conversion Quirks

Conversion Optimization for Social MediaBusinesses are flocking to social media venues in an effort to increase exposure and gain new customers. For many, their efforts are paying off in the form of increased visitors and new sales. On the flip side, however, many businesses are also experiencing a drop in conversion rates after entering the social media world.

How to Improve Conversion

Why? They’ve increased their volume of viewers without targeting the message, resulting in a higher bounce rate, and many more people who aren’t finding what they expected to find. You can improve conversion with social media by keeping the quirks of the system in mind as you design your landing pages.

Is the “Call To Action” a Myth?

Call to Action Why don’t more visitors respond to the calls to action on your website?  This question came up recently, so, I took a journey in the wayback machine to see how I handled it in my previous life as a stockbroker.

As a stockbroker, I never, ever asked prospective clients for the order.  I asked enough questions to get them talking and shut up.  Then I provided answers to their questions, and enough information, until the prospective client said some version of, “What’s next?” I didn’t make the ‘close’, they did.

How Happy Are Your Customers?

Improving Your Customer's Experience on your WebsiteHave you taken a good look at your website lately? Not just by uploading new content or adding products.  I’m talking about really looking at your layout, navigation, and content as though you had never seen them before.

Increasing your conversion rate requires a pleasing website visitor experience that will easily lend itself to finding information and taking action.

Is Your Cart Abandonment Rate Too High?

Shopping Cart Abandonment According to BizRate, 75% of online shoppers have exited a website at least once during the past three months after adding items to the shopping cart, but without completing a purchase. This statistic is known as shopping cart abandonment.

At first glance, it may seem like there’s not much an e-commerce retailer can do to improve their cart abandonment rate. After all, how can you control whether the shopper’s dog needed to go out just then, or his daughter who is in the Army called right before he hit the checkout button?

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

Baby Step into Conversion OptimizationImproving the conversion rate on your website doesn’t have to mean weeks of testing and redesigning. You can make positive changes to your website resulting in increased conversions by spending a few minutes each day baby stepping  into conversion optimization.

The Case Against Thinking: Creating Easy to Use Websites

One of the best books I’ve ever read on website usability was written by Steve Krug, called “Don’t Make Me Think .  I had read it once before the Conversations on Website Conversion Book Club started reading it this July, but I’ve gotten even more out of it the second time through.

In many areas of life, thinking is very important. Thinking before you speak, thinking before you act, thinking through a problem to get to a solution…these are just a few of examples of how thinking helps us.  So why is it so important to design a website so that people don’t have to think?

Are You using Social Media to Engage with your Target Market?

Social Media is About Engagement The toy store at the mall in my childhood home town was brilliant.  They had a big display of popular toys right out front where every kid could come by and play with them.

A child who sees his favorite toy on the shelf gets excited, but a child who has that toy in his hands can be downright persuasive!  That toy store increased sales by encouraging interaction.

You can do the same thing for your online store. You can increase visitor engagement with social media.Your goal is to make your site as interesting as possible to your visitors, especially through social media.  Most people can’t go a day without checking Facebook.  How can you make your site interesting to them?

It's All About Presentation

Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales
Are youIncrease Online Sales disappointed at your low online sales volume and/or lack of repeat visitors?

If so, your problem may not be your product so much as your presentation. A great product can be lost if it’s presented in a way that doesn’t grab the viewer’s attention and keep him interested. Even a so-so product can sell like hotcakes if the presentation is right.

With that in mind, take a hard look at your website and ask yourself whether it’s designed to sell. Start by assessing some basics that, when done right, can help increase website sales exponentially.