How Do You Spell Do-Over?

Conversion Optimization and Usability in Website Redesign We see beautiful expensive websites every day that don’t produce. By that I mean, they don’t bring in leads or sales. They do not convert.

Too many web designers still create websites that require one, two or three thousand visitors to produce a lead or make a sale.

It’s easy to  throw around the term “user friendly”.  It sounds good and helps marketing efforts.   But if the site doesn’t produce, now it’s the client’s problem.

Simple Tests Can Yield Big Results in Landing Page Optimization

TConversion Results You Can Bank On he landing page is the welcome mat that invites the user into the company door. If your digital welcome mat is messy, distracting, boring, or uninviting, then users will turn around and walk away without converting. Making sure that you get those conversions is key to a website’s success.

Here are 4 easy-to-test elements of your site that can dramatically improve your landing page, and therefore your conversion rate.

4 Tips for A Successful Website Redesign

Redesign to Improve Website ConversionYour website has been up for a year or two. As you’ve flitted around the web since then, you’ve seen amazing website designs, innovative conversion ideas, and exciting new capabilities. Before you know it, you’ve got a bad case of the “I wanna’s” and you’re ready to start tacking new buttons, animations, and gadgets onto every page of your website.

Before you jump into a redesign with both feet, however, take some time to remember why you have a website in the first place: conversions. In order to make your website work for you, conversion optimization in website redesign should be your goal in each stage of the process. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Does Usability Matter?

When we got our new HD television a while back – we decided to go with the Comcast DVR instead of TiVo’s version.  We loved our TiVo, but their DVR for HD was more expensive than Comcast’s DVR.

Usability MattersWas that ever a big mistake! Manual reading, many phone calls, and a large dose of frustration later, I gave up.  I’d been spoiled by TiVo’s ease of use and even though the Comcast DVR worked just fine – it was not easy to use – in fact, it was downright frustrating.

When I compared the Comcast DVR experience to using our TiVo, well there was just no comparison.  So we gave ourselves an early anniversary present and bought the TiVo DVR.

Bounce Rate: Keep 'Em in the Store

Tips for Improving Your Bounce RateImagine that you own a small storefront business.  If day after day, customers walked in, handled one item, and walked back out the door, you would jump to improve the experience.  But do you realize that the same thing happens regularly to online retailers and no one even notices?

How Unique is Your Website's Value Proposition?

When you only have about 3 seconds to grab a visitors attention and hold it – differentiating your company from your competition is critical. Learn how your Unique Value Proposition can separate your products or services from the crowd. Also called a Selling Proposition or just a Value Proposition – if it isn’t unique, it won’t provide the value that it could, to your website.

How good is your website’s Unique Value proposition?

Landing Page Optimization Basics

Landing Page Optimization Yields Increased ConversionsLanding page optimization can literally make or break the success of a company’s website or marketing campaign. Proper optimization can tremendously increase conversions, but poor optimization often leads to a higher rate of visitor abandonment.

Do You Have A Marketing Plan?

Increase Website Sales by Targeting Your CustomersWe all know that marketing your online business is important, but do you have a marketing plan? Have you set up goals, for increasing your website traffic and online sales, that you’d like to achieve by the end of 2010? Without a plan, and without goals, how do you know that your marketing dollars are being spenteffectively?