Increasing Your Website Conversion Rate 3 Ways

In the website world, conversions are king. The number of sales, lead, or members are critical to the success of a website. Therefore, it follows that increasing your conversion rate is very important for every small business with a web presence. Here are three ways you can start increasing your website’s conversion rate today.

Are Repeat Customers Part of Your Conversion Strategy?

Increase Conversion with Repeat CustomersThink about your favorite store for a moment. It’s the first place you go when you need to buy a particular item. You’ve probably got different favorites for clothing, electronics, groceries, etc.

Now, ask yourself what it is about those stores that keep you coming back. Is it just the price? Probably not—otherwise, the pricier stores would all be out of business. More likely, it’s one of three things: the quality of merchandise, the customer service, or the ease of shopping. At the really great stores, you’ll find all three.

It's Only Your Reputation

Using Social Mention to Manage your Social Media Your company’s image and reputation are among the most important assets of a small business, and keeping these strong is vital for success.

The Conversation Isn’t Local Any More

In the past, you might have gone down to the local coffee shop to get your news about what was happening in your town. You could get up to date on the current scandals, your competitors latest faux pas and maybe even some intelligence about your own company. Generally speaking, what happened in your town stayed in your town and for small business owners, reputation and image were dealt with locally.

In Defense of White Space

Make your copy more reader friendly with white spaceYou’ve looked at the content of your website hundreds of times. You’ve painstakingly gone over each design element, each article, and each graphic. You’ve tweaked your flash animation and color scheme until you see them in your sleep. But what about the stuff between the content—the white space?

Website Usability and White Space

Theories on the importance or non-importance of white space vary greatly. Some decry white space as minimalistic or too simplistic. Others applaud pages that seem to be nothing but white space. For the average e-commerce website, how much is too much or too little? Does white space offer a legitimate function for website usability? When you use white space discriminately and with purpose, it absolutely delivers a visual punch and provides the following benefits to your website:

What are A/B and Multivariate Testing?

So you’ve set up your website, figured out a great offer to give to visitors, and are excited about the piles of business that you just know are coming soon. One problem, though. None of your site’s visitors are converting. What do you do? Before throwing your hands in the air in frustration, consider that your site’s design could benefit from an A/B test.

5 Steps to Increase Internet Sales

Increase Internet SalesWhether your website supplements a brick and mortar store or whether your sell exclusively online, it’s vital that you understand how to use the site most efficiently to grow your business and increase internet sales. Basic marketing principles apply to the internet, but you’ll also need to incorporate some web-only strategies to increase your conversion rates and maximize your online effectiveness.

1. Copy, copy, copy.

Great design and beautiful graphics can only take you so far. Visitors to your site usually want to have a question answered or to find out more information about a particular product or service. Give them well-written copy that’s easy to scan for important points in order to keep their attention and move them toward the sale.