Be Accessible to your Customers with Social Media

Customer Engagement Social media efforts have mushroomed over the last couple of years among both small and large businesses.

Successful campaigns all have one primary goal in common: accessibility.

Marketing with social media is about relationships, so in order to create a social media campaign that will create and maintain customer loyalty, you must be accessible. Here are some key focal points to include in your social media strategy.

Improve Your PPC Conversion Rate

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns need to be profitable. So paying for clicks that don’t convert can be frustrating and potentially expensive.

How do you turn more of those clicks into sales or leads? Here are, a few ideas to get you started improving your PPC conversion rate.

  • Carefully read your competitor’s ads, before you write your own ad copy. Your goal is to differentiate your ad from your competitor’s ads. Give potential customers a reason to click on your ad instead of your competitors.
  • The value/benefit of your product and your company needs to come through in your advertising copy. Potential customers have a problem they’re trying to solve, a need they’re trying to meet, how does your product or service help them do that?

Four Keys to Improve Home Page Effectiveness

Website Redesign

As you plan your next website redesign, you’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time working to improve home page appearance and effectiveness.

While testing and experience will dictate many of the specific changes you make, don’t neglect to incorporate these four goals in order to get the most out of your home page.

Improve Navigation and Usability and Increase Conversion


Website NavigationOne of the most difficult topics facing all website owners is website navigation and usability. What seems clear to you might be that way because of your familiarity with your website.

When presented to individuals who have next to no experience with your products or services, your website’s navigation might be completely unintelligible.

Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Increasing Your Conversion Rates By Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Conversion rates often seem to operate parallel to social media efforts rather than actually intersecting with them. Social media does a great job increasing the quantity of leads, but what’s the point if the website itself doesn’t convert well?

Testimonials For Small Businesses

What can they do for your small business?

Testimonials can be a powerful way to lend credibility to your online marketing efforts. But they must be real. With countless websites featuring product and company reviews, customers have become quite sophisticated – they can spot a “plant” testimonial from a company spokesperson a mile away!