How To Make Your Own Landing Page in Genesis

landingpagesplusgenesis-thumbnailThe Genesis theme framework by StudioPress is robust and easy to use. While there are premium plugins that can help you build a landing page, if you’re already using Genesis, or a Genesis child theme, making your own landing page is a lot easier.

Frankly, landing pages don’t have to be extremely fancy. They need to be persuasive and informative while driving people to that call of action on your page. If you don’t have your strategy down, then your plan to get people to buy something or sign up for something will fail.

Videos and Blogging

video-thumbnailVideos are a unique way to share content. You can just about do anything with video like combining music, text, and images, or filming yourself. The issue is… what do you do with your video once you’re done making it?

Of course, the first thing you would want to do is to put it on your website. However, you run into the dilemma of whether you want to load it to your site or to load it up on a third party service like Youtube or Vimeo.

Let's Talk About Forms

bookit-form-thumbnailForms are an important part of lead generation. They are used in processing subscriptions for newsletters, a means for people to contact you, and even a way to process sales. Forms are a huge part in converting visitors to loyal readers, subscribers, and buyers.

So, how do you optimize a form for conversion?