The B2B Conversion Rate Improvement

How To Get More Leads and Clients

The B2B (business-to-business) conversion problem (opportunity) is a bit of a greased pig. The Nielsen Norman Group in their B2B Website Usability book state: “Because B2B sites don’t close sales online, they can turn away the vast majority of users and never know how many sales they’ve lost.” This is the conversion rate improvement opportunity.

Our Philosophical Toolkit

Take Responsibility.

Some folks walk around with an invisible three-legged stool attached to the seat of their pants.  When something goes seriously wrong, they immediately sit down.  The first leg is to refuse to take responsibility under all circumstances.  Second, find someone to blame.  Third, feel sorry for yourself.  Not to much is going to go wrong while seated, but it’s hard to go forward from that position.  If you really screwed up, and feel terrible, try this mantra: ” I take full responsibility for this situation.  I did the best I could, at that time and under those circumstances.  I forgive myself.”