Engage Your Visitors with Video

We got a new puppy (Truman), so I’ve been looking at a lot of dog training videos on the internet lately.  Even though Truman and I are going to puppy kindergarten, it’s really helpful watching the videos to see how other people teach their dogs to sit, stay and come.

Shipping Charge Transparency And Your Website Conversion Rate

Internet Retailer Magazine recently (July 15, 2009) reported a study of retailer’s list of planned improvements for the rest of the year.

  • 83% of web-based retailers identified checkout as their top priority
  • 88% said they plan to provide more information on shipping on their sites this year
  • 67% said they would place more emphasis on exposing the cost of an order, including shipping charges, prior to checkout

Get It Above the Fold and Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

I confess.  I’m a lazy reader and I don’t like to scroll.  When I’m surfing the web if I don’t see what I’m looking for right away (and depending upon how tired I am, sometimes I need it with klieg lights shining on it) I’m gone & on to the next.   In my professional capacity, I’m always amazed how many otherwise really good websites put the good bits below the fold.