How Understanding Customer Awareness Can Increase Conversions

Olive oil cake?  Suddenly dessert doesn’t sound so appealing.  Carl, my husband, and I looked at each other and said to the waitress, “No, we’ll just take the check.”

But instead of the check, the waitress brought out a sliver of the cake and said “I know you don’t think you’ll like this but you’ve got to try it… it’s amazing”…and she was right.

Initially the thought of olive oil cake was a complete mismatch with our idea of a great dessert. Who ‘d want a cake made with olive oil instead of butter? We’d never heard of such a thing. We had no frame of reference.  We weren’t aware.

Without awareness people won’t buy your products or use your services. However it’s more than just becoming aware. There is actually a whole set of events that potential customers go through as they move from complete lack of awareness to purchasing.

Six Landing Page Dos and Don'ts

Landing Page Dos and Don'ts

Landing Page Dos and Don’ts

When a visitor reaches your landing page, what does he see first? In general, most people look at images (especially faces), headlines, large elements, and bright colors.

As you create new landing pages or improve existing ones, keep in mind these do’s and don’ts based on Internet user viewing habits

Do: Use a meaningful image on your landing page.

Avoid generic stock images. Instead, choose an image that helps you communicate your message to your audience. You can also use images to provide directional cues for your audience as you point them toward the call to action, or other important information. If you use images, try to have them looking in the direction you want visitors eyes to move next. An image of  a person looking to the right will encourage viewers to follow the gaze in that direction.

Five Conversion Optimization Questions for Better Landing Pages

What I want to know is...You spend a lot of time studying the analytics for your website, and that’s important. Analytics can tell you a lot of things. But one thing it can’t tell you is why a visitor does what he does.

For instance, analytics can show you that 50% of your visitors exit your site when they reach the billing form page, but it can’t give you the reason for that drop-off.

Asking the right conversion optimization questions and developing tests based on those questions, however, can show you where visitors experience a disconnect with your conversion funnel.

Testing can give you a peek inside your visitor’s brain, helping determine what caused him to make the choices he did. Let’s take a look at five conversion optimization questions that will help you develop strong usability tests.

4 Pillars of a Strong Conversion Strategy

How's your conversion strategy?

How’s your conversion strategy?

When you’re in the process of optimizing a website, it can be easy to get so caught up in the details that you lose sight of your big-picture goals. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and re-evaluate your plans to improve website conversion.

Strategy should drive every decision you make if you hope to boost your sales and increase leads, so if you haven’t thought much about the long-term plan lately, it may be time to regroup.

Ready to improve website conversion strategy for your business? Let’s take a quick refresher look at these four pillars of conversion optimization: