Does Your Website's Copy Look Easy to Read ?

What you say and how you say it is extremely important. However, your online content will not get the attention it deserves, if it looks hard to read.

Most of us have mountains of material to get through every day. We need to be able to quickly skim blogs and articles – get what we need  and move on.

Our eyes influence our behavior. If something looks dense or hard to read we take a pass and find something similar that we can skim through quickly. Our time is too valuable to waste reading something that may not answer our question or give us the information we need.

You and Google Analytics…BFF

Google Analytics You’ve read up on web analysis and you’ve tossed around the buzz words: bounce rate and conversion rate. But are you really becoming BFF (best friends forever) with these metrics?

Tell Me About Yourself

In order to derive the most benefit from your conversion optimization tracking, you’ll need to make friends with these metrics by moving beyond the name-dropping stage and into a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

Do You Know Your Landing Page Personality?

The Conversionator V3 N30: Weekly Insights and Ideas

SuperMax ConversionatorThis week’s edition includes a landing page personality quiz, site navigation ideas to improve conversion rates, tips for product page optimizations, a few checkout usability guidelines, and how to create annoyance-free website surveys:

5 Ways to Persuade Your Customers to Buy

YesAs website operators, our website conversion techniques often focus primarily on the nuts and bolts of web design—should I make the button bigger, does the site function as it should, is the shopping cart intuitive?

We forget that conversions aren’t just actions performed in cyberspace: they’re people.

Every conversion represents a person who made a cognitive decision to accept your proposition because they wanted what you had to offer.

In that sense, conversion happens before your CTA receives the click. It happens in the mind of the consumer when he makes the decision to surrender his money or information.

What does that mean for your website conversion techniques? Well, it means that no matter how you approach the conversion process, your goal is to persuade.

Computers have a tendency to remove the human element from the sales process, making it harder to connect with your customers.

But by implementing some targeted techniques, you can restore the emotional connection and convince your visitors to click.

Are You Paralyzed by Big Decisions?

Go Forth First!  When you’re faced with a big decision it can be hard to pull the trigger.

You go back and forth between your options and play out  “what if” movies in your mind.

You don’t want to be wrong so you don’t do anything.

Getting stuck going back and forth leaves you in no man’s land.

If you can… break the decision down into baby steps.  Steps you can get take to move the process forward.

A guided missile self corrects as it zeros in on it’s target.

You can do the same.  Make a decision and then self correct as needed.

Go forth first….and handle what comes.


How to Optimize your Email Marketing Strategy

Emal Message on a mobile phoneWhen it comes to conversion optimization, email marketing often gets overlooked as an effective strategy.

But the truth is that a strong email marketing campaign can drive more targeted, converting traffic to your website than other popular approaches.

Why Email Works

Email gives you direct access into a venue that most people guard more closely than they do their mailing address or Facebook account.

Tune Up Your Ecommerce

The Conversionator V3 N29: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Teaching Website Conversion

Max The Conversionator

This week’s edition focuses on ecommerce and includes pricing research insights, tips to increase ecommerce conversion rates, merchandising best practices, thank-you page leverage points, and easy-to-use digital shopping website examples:

–  An Easy Way to Make Your Prices Seem Lower  from Roger Dooley’s Neuromarketing covers new research showing that punctuation and decimals can make a difference in how people perceive prices

–  Using the techniques PPC Hero contributor Dave Rosborough shares in Two Ways to Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rates  you can improve the efficiency of your checkout process while leaving your customers wanting to come back for more

Top 5 Reasons your Site's Visitors Aren't Buying It

NOBoosting conversion rates isn’t just about tweaking design elements to create the greatest appeal for viewers.

Confusion and frustration are  barriers to conversion as well.

Improving your conversion is about finding and eliminating anywebsite issue that creates a  barriers for your potential customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common barriers to conversion in order to determine how you can make better use of your online real estate.

Does Your Tag Line Miss the Mark?

Missing the MarkHow much effort does a tag line deserve? The short answer? A lot. Tag lines play a key role in determining how easily your company name comes to mind. Both for search engine optimization and conversion, the impact can be enormous. Let’s take a look at what makes taglines so important and how you can write a great one.

It’s Just a Tag Line, Right?

“Just Do It.” “A diamond is forever.” “Got milk?” Just tag lines? Tag lines have more influence in the SEO and conversion optimization arenas than most people give them credit for.

Are You Using These Social Media Tools?

The Conversionator V3 N28: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas

Max The Conversionator

This week’s edition includes insights into the power of suggestion, free ways to market your website, tips on social media tools, choosing promotional products, mobile landing page best practices, and social media strategies for small businesses:

 Street Fight collected tips from experts in the social media marketing industry about how business owners can take advantage of the social media tools available today in 7 Social Media Strategies for Small Business Owners

– How strong is the power of suggestion? PsyBlog compiled 9 Simple Suggestions That Change People’s Perceptions, psychological research findings about how simple suggestions can affect the way people think and perceive the world