Are Your Product Pages Turning Your Customers Off?

this website stinksIf a visitor reaches your product page, chances are he has a decent level of interest in what you have to offer.

At this stage in the shopping game, there are four things he’s going to be looking at most closely:

          • the product description
          • product image
          • price
          • call to action

          Let’s take a look at some conversion optimization tips for each of these elements.

          How Social Listening Can Improve Your SEO

          The Conversionator V3 N27: Weekly Insights and Ideas

          SuperMax ConversionatorThis week’s edition includes reasons not to use “click here” for your links, enhancing SEO with social listening, taking advantage of HARO for authority building, insights from recent pricing studies, and optimizing your site support for customer self-service:

          –  How words are used and where they are used to search and to interact are the key differentiators between SEO and social. 4 Ways to Enhance SEO with Social Listening  from Social Media Today contributor Keith Paul shares four ways you can enhance SEO with social, and vice-versa

          Simple Yet Powerful Steps To Grow Your Online Business

          Tweak and Test Sales are up, people are clicking, landing pages are converting and your ecommerce website is zipping along nicely.

          Time to settle back with a latte and relax, right? Wrong!

          Sorry to burst your bubble, but the truth is that working on your conversion rate is a lot like gardening.

          You need to prune, weed and relocate plants regularly to maintain a beautiful garden. The same is true for your website. You need to critically look at each landing page and prune the words down to the essentials, weed out all unnecessary information and relocate elements to see if by doing so you can increase your conversion rate.