Testing for Better Conversion Rates

The winner When your conversion rate is low, it can be tempting to find a list of tips and just start tweaking things.

However, that can be dangerous, since you never know whether the change you make will have a positive or negative effect.

If you are looking for a surefire way to increase conversion rates with minimal risk, testing is the answer.

Setting the Hook: Getting Eyes on your Copy

Eyes on the prize

From GadgetDude - Title Want

When competing with the sheer volume of copy on the Internet, you should try to win readers in stages.

Your headline should act as a STOP sign, drawing readers in to give you a chance.

Beyond that, your first paragraph should provide a roadmap to the rest of your piece.

Some tools to include in your roadmap:

Should you have Navigation on your Landing Pages?

There are plenty of best practices lists floating around the web that tell you not to include navigation on landing pages. It’s so common that it’s almost become an unwritten rule of landing page optimization. But before you remove all but the call to action button, let’s take a closer look at this particular “best practice.”

Web Analytics – Why Does Exit Rate Matter?

Exit your Website Exit rate refers to the number of people who exit your website from any given page as compared to the total number of visitors on that page. Unlike bounce rate, exit rate looks at visitors who reached the page from somewhere else on your site as well as those who entered your site on that page.

At first glance, the difference may seem minor, but the truth is that exit rate can provide important information that will help you identify problem areas and plug leaks that cost you in terms of conversions.

GMail Tips for Small Businesses

The Conversionator V3 N7: Weekly Insights and Ideas

SuperMax Conversionator

This week’s edition covers Gmail tips for SMB’s, a comprehensive guide to meta descriptions, the how, what, and why of a website privacy policy, insight into Google’s “Not Provided” traffic, and keyword research mistakes:

How Engaging are Your Meta Descriptions?

Why bother with meta tags? These small descriptions pop into search engines when your site appears in a search engine. It may be tempting to ignore those tags altogether: they provide no SEO boost, and will drive no more automated traffic from search engines to your site.

 However, they are guaranteed to make or break a click. Without an engaging meta tag description, someone may look over the service or product you provide and go to the next search result.

Three Essentials of Copywriting that Converts

copywriting for conversionThere are plenty of opinions out there about what makes good copywriting. The bottom line for your business, however, is that good copywriting converts. If it doesn’t convert, it’s not doing it’s job, no matter how much time and effort you put into it or how good it sounds to you.

 In order to succeed in copywriting for conversion, you must understand your audience and write in a way that speaks to them. Here are three essentials to get you started.

Eye Tracking Insights For Your Business

The Conversionator V3 N6: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Teaching Website Conversion 
This week’s edition include insights into understanding customer motivations, applying eye tracking techniques to your website, some tricks on Google+ for SEO, integrating social media on your website, and taking advantage of Quora as a research tool: