Why Push When You Can Pull?

The vast majority of marketers are stuck in an old paradigm . . . push marketing.

We’ve all experienced push marketing, however, there is a revolt underway. We no longer have to listen to commercials that don’t interest us, DVR’s have changed the way we watch television and television advertising.

Infomercials, Direct mail, e-mail marketing, and all forms of print advertising still work, but consumers are demanding more control over how products and information are presented to them.

Can You Ever Declare Victory on Your Conversion Rate?

Calculating Conversion RateConversion rate is one of those concepts that people often misunderstand, especially when determining whether they should be happy with their current rate or not.

If you’ve done much reading you’ve probably come across experts who tell you that 2% is a good conversion rate and that you should be happy if you reach that number. And while 2% certainly isn’t a bad conversion rate, there’s more to the picture than just that one number.

Whether you have reached 2% currently or not, here are some reasons you should continually strive to improve your rates with conversion rate optimization.

Are You In Google Places?

The Conversionator V2 N8: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Max the Conversionator from Diamond Website Conversion

Whether preparing a SEO or link building campaign, concerned how to not damage your brand in the social media space or unaware of the benefits of Google Places, this week’s edition offers several tips, suggestions, and best practices to help guide you in the right direction:

What is the Value of a Great Looking Website?

Best of Class If you are asking yourself, if your website should  be beautiful, funny, or winning awards for the best of class, think again. The question you probably need to be asking yourself is, “What is my website supposed to accomplish”.

We see humorous websites, and great looking websites, that are dead on arrival. What I mean by that is, your website may be beautiful and it may be humorous, but if it doesn’t  accomplish your commercial purpose, that pretty/funny website is costing you money instead of making you money.

How to Increase the Trustworthiness of Your Landing Pages

The Conversionator V2 N7: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas v2, N5

Whether it’s your Landing Pages, 404 Error Pages or any other page on your site, this week’s edition covers some tips and suggestions to help with page optimization along with results of an insightful study on registration-prompted abandonment and a nice visualization explaining Google PageRank:

Social Media Strategy: What You Need To Know

social mediaYou might be convinced of the need to develop an effective social media strategy, but are at a loss.

After all, aren’t these technologies normally used by young people, or by individuals looking to reconnect with old classmates? What is the best way to enter into this space without giving the impression of being an intruder?

Give Your Blog a Boost with these Ideas

The Conversionator™ V2 N6: Weekly Insights and Ideas
Max the Conversionator from Diamond Website Conversion

Business blogs are a great way to share a company’s expertise, build additional web traffic, and connect with potential customers. This week’s edition is a collection of valuable insights for beginners and offers refresher points for experienced bloggers:

To Test or Not to Test?

website under maintenanceYou’ve just performed a website redesign, and your landing page conversion rates have dropped through the floor. You’ve got several ideas regarding what the cause might be: the new call to action button should be orange, not red; the headline should be larger; and the navigation bar across the top should be moved to the side. You tell your design crew to start tweaking, anxious to get those rates back up where they should be.

Determining Your Website's Usability

Examining Your WebsiteOne of the most important aspects of your online business is your website’s usability.

Can potential customers  find everything they want to know about your merchandise, and place an order with a minimum amount of confusion and maximum clarity?

How can you know?