Seven Must-Have Elements of Copywriting for Conversion

copywriting for conversionCopy is often the last thing to be added to your website.

Small business owners of successfully converting websites understand that it’s the copy that will cause their website to stand out from their  competitiors in the online marketing world.

Copywriting for conversion necessitates an understanding not only of the audiences you’re writing for, but also the best ways to appeal to those audiences.

1. Write to a specific customer.

This may seem counterintuitive, shouldn’t you be writing for all of your customers?  When you write for everyone you actually write to no one. To engage your audience your copy needs to feel like it’s a long email addressed to the person who is reading it. Write as if you are speaking to a specific person and you are more likely to write compelling, engaging copy.

Search Engine Rules of Engagement

The term “search engine marketing for small businesses” may seem inherently contradictory.

After all, search engines don’t market; they identify relevant results that point the searcher toward the information he needs. But the truth is that even though the search engine was designed to meet the needs of searchers, small business owners can profit from the capabilities of search engines simply by knowing and following the rules of engagement.

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Surefire Ways to Increase Conversion with Web Design

Web design for conversion As you create or redesign your website, your top focus should be implementing web design for conversion.

If you’re looking for a quick conversion boost, start with these surefire strategies that will begin working immediately.

With a continuous program of testing, you can tweak these and other elements of your website over time in order to keep your rates where you want them.  Web design and redesign should not be a static process. Even after a complete redesign, your website will need to be monitored, tweaked and tested.

Here’s some ideas to get you thinking about including conversion in your web design process.

●      Offer secondary conversion options. Yes, your primary goal may be to clinch the sale, but you’ll see more conversions if customers who aren’t ready to buy yet still have an opportunity to take action. Try adding a registration form, including an email opt-in form, or offering a tutorial.

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