5 Common Misconceptions That Sabotage Conversion Rates

Best Practices Aren't Always Right for Your Website

Best practices aren’t always the best practice for your website.

When you read a conversion optimization best practice list, you’ll often hear opinions quoted as fact.

The key to getting the most out of your landing pages is learning how to differentiate between the two.

If you want to know how to increase website sales, you’ll need to determine what works best for your site, even if it contradicts the best practice.

For starters, determine whether any of these common misconceptions about conversion could be robbing you of leads or sales.

Do You Need Both SEO and CRO?

CRO or SEO - do you need both?

CRO or SEO, do you need both?

I’m no mechanic, but I know that without gas, my car isn’t going anywhere. I also know that  without oil and water eventually I’ll ruin my car’s engine and once my engine dies all the gas in the world won’t budge my car.

Like your car, your website needs traffic or it’s not going anywhere. And, if you’re an online business, you also need for your website to produce sales or leads…to bring in money.  Without money, you’re out of business.

Traffic is the job of SEO. When people search for your products or services you want to be found on the search engines and get them to your website.  Whether you do your own SEO or hire a company to do it for you, the goal is to continually improve your site’s ranking on the search engines, driving more visitors to your website. 

How Design Influences Your Conversion Rate

How does your website look?

How does your website look?

Take a long, hard look at your website design. What stands out about it? Does it look professional? Utilitarian? Pretty? Ugly? What’s the first thing you see?

If your conversion rate is lower than you’d like it to be, then clearly something about your design isn’t working. But does it just need a few tweaks, or are you ready for a total  makeover? Before we answer that question, let’s consider what goals you have for your design.

5 Website Conversion Blunders to Avoid

5 Web Conversion Blunders to Avoid

Why didn’t I think of that?

Looking for some conversion rate optimization tips? Maybe you don’t need more best practices. Maybe you’re shooting yourself in the foot with what’s already on your website or landing pages.

If you’re wondering why your customers aren’t buying, ask yourself whether you’re guilty of any of these conversion-zapping mistakes.

5 Tips for Conversion-Happy Headlines

Writing Conversion Happy Headlines Isn't Easy

Writing good headlines isn’t easy.

Is content king? Well, it depends on who you ask, but one thing is for certain: If your content is lousy, your conversion rates will be too.

Copywriting that improves your web conversion must grab the reader’s attention and persuade him to do something. And it all starts with your headlines.

Headlines are the first point of contact with a visitor once he lands on your website.

Landing page, blog post, home page, product page—they all rely on headlines to engage the reader’s attention and keep him reading.

That’s why your headline has to arouse interest, persuade, and offer value. Here’s how:

Is More Traffic Always Better?

Old sales goalWhen you put up a new website, the immediate tendency is to go hog wild with generating traffic. SEO, paid search, social media—get out there and bring in those visitors! But if nobody’s buying, your website can still fail.

Traffic is great, but it’s only half the picture. In order to improve online conversion rates, you need to generate quality traffic and optimize your site for their benefit.

Building Killer QR Code Landing Pages

Scanning QR code with mobile phone

Have you checked out your QR Code landing page lately?

You’ve undoubtedly seen those little square boxes that look like TV static. They’re called QR codes, and they’re popping up everywhere.

But can QR codes really bring value to your business? The answer is yes. But only if you understand what makes them unique and how you’ll need to tailor your approach to increase landing page conversions.

What’s So Special About QR Codes?

QR codes help bridge the gap between offline and online marketing. A customer can browse actual merchandise in your brick-and-mortar store, scan a QR code and receive instant access to price comparisons, recipe ideas, statistics, survey opportunities and whatever else you can come up with to engage your visitors.

The key is to understand that users want targeted information that will be helpful to them right at that moment. So don’t dump them on your home page or make them jump through hoops.