How to Use Google Trends to Stay Current On Your Keywords

Google TrendsHave you ever wondered which of your keywords are trending up and which are trending down? How about new search terms that your potential customers are using but that you may not be targeting?

Where do you go to get that info?

I use a terrific tool called Google Trends.  It gives me a peek into the minds of my customers.  What are their top search terms and which terms are breaking out currently?  It will give me ideas for keywords that our visitors are finding important – ones that I need to focus more attention on.

Help! My Testing Strategy Isn’t Working!

Help! My testing strategy isn't working!  A/B testing will solve all your problems. Your conversion rates will skyrocket and your customers will have a more satisfactory experience. You’ll make more money and your business will be successful.

You’ve heard it before. But your results aren’t living up to the promises. If your website conversion testing program isn’t giving you the stellar results you’ve read about, you may be making one of these common mistakes: