Panda 4.0 – Time to Wake Up!

panda4-thumbnailIf you’ve been hoping to slide with mediocre content, or can’t identify what mediocre content is, your site will be in for a scary surprise, SEO-wise. Panda 4.0 is here! For several years, Google has been trying to make website owners aware that unique and quality content is the key to getting ahead.

While many have talked the talk, they’ve never walked the walk in terms of improving their content. There are thousands of sites built to cater toward bloggers, Internet Marketers, and many other niche. So, how can you get your site out of the content doldrums and come out on top of your niche? So, if you didn’t get these updates before, what is Google Panda 4.0?

The Skinny on SEO for Images

image-seoImages on websites are suppose to help a site. The purpose usually is to attract new buyers, readers, and subscribers. Images are also something that people can immediately connect with and decide in a moment whether they like you or what you’re saying, or maybe they will leave your site and never return.

Just plopping up an image won’t do. Of course, for the visitor, they don’t care, but for search engines like Google, those images can be a leg up on getting traffic.

So, how can you capitalize on this? In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize your images for search engines.

Are Comments Important for Every Blog?

commentsrockMost websites that have a blog integrated into it often allow their visitors to leave comments. The benefit of having a comment system is much like a social network site or even a forum- it builds a community within the website. The community is usually where you will receive the number of subscribers, and buyers from. These are the ones who are loyal or will be long time loyal readers.

However, are comments important for every blog? Are there exceptions to this, and why?

Facebook and Conversion: Is It Still Possible?

facebookSocial networking is a tricky tool to leverage when trying to convert people, especially Facebook. Because Facebook is always changing and trying to focus more on acquiring advertisers, it squeezes out brands. In fact, thousands of brands have felt the gradual squeeze because Facebook’s decline in reach. So, is converting people on Facebook to buyers and subscribers still possible without having to fork out money for advertising?