Five Things to Watch for in Social Media for 2010

For companies, 2010 will be about more clearly connecting social media to business objectives and better understanding how to measure the direct and indirect return on investment of social media. Integrating social media into the sales funnel to support lead generation and transactions will be a top priority.

Here is what to watch out for in 2010 for social media:

Customer Retention: Once You've Got Them Don't Screw it Up

I recently made a reservation at one of the largest hotel chains in the world.  Since I contemplated staying there again, I joined their Rewards Program . . . so far, so good.

Along with their Welcome message, they sent me an offer, as a Rewards Program member, to save my room preferences for future check-ins.  All I had to do was select my preferences from 6 small pull-down menus.

Promoting your Website with Social Media

Social Media is another aspect of web site promotion which must be considered and utilized to optimize a website for conversion. iStock_000005649299XSmall

Participate in Online Communities

Identifying and interacting within the online communities populated by your potential customers is imperative to increase conversions. If you select the wrong target audience or join Online Communities which are not relevant to your product or services the effect Social Media has on your conversion rates will be zero. If powerful and targeted enough, social media campaigns will help increase your website’s conversion rate.