Call to Action: The Antidote to High Bounce Rate

Call to ActionWhile bounce rate can tell you a lot about how your website performs, the question still remains: what do I do about it?

You can spend a lot of time tweaking your design, adjusting keyword choice and placement, and playing with ad copy, but the fact remains that one of the most effective antidotes to bouncing visitors is giving them a reason to stay.

One reason is your call to action.

The Anatomy of an Effective Call to Action

Don’t just expect to stick a cute button on your website and have your conversion rate instantly skyrocket. While button design does play a role in getting people to respond, you’ll also need to plan a call to action strategy that compels people to do what you want them to do.

What You Need to Know About the Facebook Update

Recently, Facebook made yet another change to their layout much to the ire of several of their users.  These layout changes occur semi-regularly and really don’t have much of an impact on use of the site; however, they can be rather jarring to see when you’ve become accustomed to a different format.  Here is a quick overview of some of the changes and how they might impact your business.

5 Tips to Improve Conversion on your Home Page

Home Page It seems intuitive that your home page should receive considerable attention in order to draw people in and entice them to explore further since it is often the first point of contact.

However, many home pages fail to maximize their full potential, managing instead to fumble the ball and let visitors slip away.

You can increase your website’s conversion rate on your home page immediately by implementing these five essential tips.

What's the Deal with Foursquare?

I’m sure many of you have fond memories of playing foursquare during elementary school, but what I want to discuss in today’s post is the social networking site, Foursquare.  This mobile application uses location based social networking to allow users to check-in to locations, leave tips, and recommend venues to friends.

If you operate a brick and mortar business, there is a good chance your company may already be listed on the site.

Social Media Integration Tips

The Conversionator™ V2 N37: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion IdeasThis week’s edition offers insights into both effective ‘About Us’ pages and Twitter share buttons, along with email newsletter best practices, creative ways to get customer testimonials, and over one hundred social media integration suggestions:

– ‘About Us’ pages are often the most neglected page on your website but it is very likely among the most visited pages. ClickZ provides some guidelines to help break down the facade of anonymity of the web in 5 Traits of Effective ‘About Us’ Pages

Conversion Copywriting to Engage Your Ideal Prospect

I’ll admit it, I love having a GPS. No longer do I have to drive into gas stations and ask directions… my little lady is there to guide me through rights, lefts, detours and alternate routes until I hear the magic words “your destination is on the right”.

When you’re writing for your website, your copy needs to provide a sort of GPS for your readers. Good copy will guide them to the information, products and services they need or want.

Here are some things that can help improve your copywriting GPS system: