Promoting your Website with Social Media

Social Media is another aspect of web site promotion which must be considered and utilized to optimize a website for conversion. iStock_000005649299XSmall

Participate in Online Communities

Identifying and interacting within the online communities populated by your potential customers is imperative to increase conversions. If you select the wrong target audience or join Online Communities which are not relevant to your product or services the effect Social Media has on your conversion rates will be zero. If powerful and targeted enough, social media campaigns will help increase your website’s conversion rate.

Social Media is Here to Stay

82% of all companies will be using social media marketing by 2010.iStock_000009648196XSmall

A new study from the Marketing Executives Networking Group, MENG, reveals most businesses are still in the early or experimental phases of adopting and measuring social media.

Conversation, Community and Conversion: The 3 C's of Social Media

Social netwroking and internet concept crossword

Twitter, Facebook, and other digital-age social media tools are changing the way business is done connecting hundreds of millions of people to each other via instant communication. This is a massive socio-economic shift that is changing the way consumers and companies communicate and interact with each other. If you’re like many small business owners who are tinkering or thinking about using social media, you may be wondering: