Landing Page Copy that Keeps Customers Clicking

word cloud for content development Writing effective landing pages isn’t just about communicating the necessary information.

It’s about making a connection with your audience, much the same way that a really great salesperson tries to build a relationship with you that extends beyond the walls of the store.

After all, it’s harder to say no to someone who’s just been asking about your family.

And while you can’t get quite that personal with visitors on your website, you can create effective landing pages by writing copy that encourages interaction, emotional involvement, and ultimately, conversion.

How to Optimize Your Call To Action

The Conversionator V2 N46: Weekly Insights and Ideas

This week’s edition covers tips on calls-to-action and webpage title optimization along with detailing the 4 stages of the buying cycle and some insights into neuroscience and neuromarketing for a better understanding of how the brain works and utilizing that to your website’s advantage:

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas

– HubSpot reviews some best practices for writing a compelling call-to-action across different places on your website and various stages of your sales cycle in 10 Best Practices to Optimize the Language of Your Calls-to-Action

– Thumbtack recently decided to test an often overlooked part of a webpage and see if it would impact search traffic: the title tag. SEO Tip: Titles Matter, Probably More Than You Think is an overview of their test results along with a few tips they learned from their analysis

Copywriting to Improve your Conversion Rate

copywriting for conversion While a picture may be worth a thousand words, a website without any words is likely to be ineffective. Even with an appealing graphic design and strategic layout, you’re unlikely to have a high conversion rate without text. In fact, text is actually the most important feature of your website; after all, it’s the text that is the key to attracting browsers in the first place.

Website Redesign for Usability

Website Redesign Website redesign for usability is really an abstract concept. It means to take an existing website and make modifications to is so that it is easier to use.

In some cases it means removing things so as to help streamline it. In other cases, it might mean adding items to help explain different items as well as to improve the flow of the site.

The first step in website redesign for usability is to determine what the issues with the site are. This could be in any of the following categories:

Attracting Your Target Market

Attracting Your Target Market You know the importance of marketing to a target audience in order to sell most effectively. But once you have determined who makes up your target market, how do you make sure they see your marketing messages? Part of selling to any group of people is thinking like they do so that you match your message to their needs and desires. Here’s how.

Making Your Landing Page A Great Place To Be

If you’re looking to improve your landing page conversion rate, then you most likely want both overarching propositions to improve the structure of your landing page and individual actions you can take right now to boost your conversion numbers. If you’ve run an analytics program and received pages of data, but you don’t know where to start, try implementing some of these ideas for immediate results.

Increasing Your Website Conversion Rate 3 Ways

In the website world, conversions are king. The number of sales, lead, or members are critical to the success of a website. Therefore, it follows that increasing your conversion rate is very important for every small business with a web presence. Here are three ways you can start increasing your website’s conversion rate today.