What Your Visitors Are Looking For That Determine How Long They Remain

convert-thumbnailYour site visitors are looking for something to fulfill a need. It may be a physical or emotional one. If your not fulfilling that need, then they won’t stay that long. The long your visitors stay, the more likely they are to: leave a comment, fill out a lead form, buy a product or service, or sign up for your website’s newsletter. You even want them to keep returning to your site. This article will let you know exactly what they want and some tips to achieving your goals.

Infographic – Basics of a Call to Action

infographic-basicsofacalltoaction-thumbnailSome may think it is so easy to put a call to action together, and on some part it can be. However, if you’re trying to convert people to buy something or even to subscribe to something, you’re going to need to work around wording and design to make your call to action effective.

Below is a brief infographic on the basics of a call to action.

Tips On Adding Better Calls to Action In Blog Posts Without Spamming

call-to-action-thumbnailIf you’re writing blog posts and trying to direct readers to buying or subscribing with some sort of call to action, you need to take in mind how to effectively convert them without spamming. If you believe you aren’t spamming, take a closer look at your individual blog posts and compare social shares, comments, and actual sales, visits, or subscribes.

You will see a lower response and it could mean that your blog post:

  • was boring.
  • somehow indicated to the reader that you were spamming them.
  • had no proper call to action

It is possible to spam your own readers in your blog posts. It is often an implication that you are desperate for sales, or you lack the knowledge on writing copy, or you lack enough knowledge in the topic that your posts fall flat. It could also be a combination of any of these.

You don’t have to be deceptive about it.

Five Conversion Optimization Questions for Better Landing Pages

What I want to know is...You spend a lot of time studying the analytics for your website, and that’s important. Analytics can tell you a lot of things. But one thing it can’t tell you is why a visitor does what he does.

For instance, analytics can show you that 50% of your visitors exit your site when they reach the billing form page, but it can’t give you the reason for that drop-off.

Asking the right conversion optimization questions and developing tests based on those questions, however, can show you where visitors experience a disconnect with your conversion funnel.

Testing can give you a peek inside your visitor’s brain, helping determine what caused him to make the choices he did. Let’s take a look at five conversion optimization questions that will help you develop strong usability tests.

Do Your Visitors Have Action Paralysis?

Action Paralysis

Why are your visitors not converting… is it action paralysis?

How many of your customers land on your website only to browse around and leave without converting? Do your high-quality leads sometimes fail to act, even after spending time looking at all the great things you have to offer? Why is that?

We could cite plenty of possibilities, but one reason is that visitors think clicking that call to action button requires too great a commitment—a phenomenon known as “action paralysis.”

Top 5 Reasons your Site's Visitors Aren't Buying It

NOBoosting conversion rates isn’t just about tweaking design elements to create the greatest appeal for viewers.

Confusion and frustration are  barriers to conversion as well.

Improving your conversion is about finding and eliminating anywebsite issue that creates a  barriers for your potential customers.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common barriers to conversion in order to determine how you can make better use of your online real estate.

Are Your Product Pages Turning Your Customers Off?

this website stinksIf a visitor reaches your product page, chances are he has a decent level of interest in what you have to offer.

At this stage in the shopping game, there are four things he’s going to be looking at most closely:

          • the product description
          • product image
          • price
          • call to action

          Let’s take a look at some conversion optimization tips for each of these elements.

          6 Simple A/B Test Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

          The Value of A/B. Testing

          What do your customers think?

          No landing page can perform at top capacity without testing.

          While keywords, marketing, and content are all important, testing holds its own as one of the pillars to successful online marketing.

          Landing page optimization and testing  is the only way you can determine what will work best in your industry, for your audience, on your website.

          If you’re new to the testing concept, here are six simple A/B test ideas to get you started.

          Mining Your Data for Actionable Insights

          The Conversionator V3 N10: Weekly Insights and Ideas

          Max the Conversionator from Diamond Website Conversion
          This week’s edition includes tips on using customer data for insight and on writing effective call-to-action copy, a bit of neuroscience research on search & conversion, an often over-looked and under-used beneficial Google Analytics usage, and explores the power of curiosity on calls-to-action: