Nine Easy Landing Page Optimization Ideas

We’ve all heard a lot about landing page optimization theory and how important it is for your landing pages to support your PPC ads.

In this post, let’s take a really quick look at nine ideas you can implement right now to polish up your landing pages and increase PPC conversion rates.

●      Include Keyword Phrases in Your Headlines

This provides a sense of continuity between your ad and the landing page, keeping the viewer oriented. Let visitors know right away that they’re not wasting their time – that you have what they’re looking for.

Call to Action: The Antidote to High Bounce Rate

Call to ActionWhile bounce rate can tell you a lot about how your website performs, the question still remains: what do I do about it?

You can spend a lot of time tweaking your design, adjusting keyword choice and placement, and playing with ad copy, but the fact remains that one of the most effective antidotes to bouncing visitors is giving them a reason to stay.

One reason is your call to action.

The Anatomy of an Effective Call to Action

Don’t just expect to stick a cute button on your website and have your conversion rate instantly skyrocket. While button design does play a role in getting people to respond, you’ll also need to plan a call to action strategy that compels people to do what you want them to do.

Building Bridges to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Golden Gate BridgeIf you think of conversion as a destination, then your website is the road to that destination and your customers are the travelers.

Directing traffic to your website through SEO or social media  is about getting customers on the right road – the road to your website. The purpose of conversion optimization is to keep them on the road so that they reach the final destination  – conversion.

The problem is that most websites have glitches that cause their customers to halt the conversion process. Think of them as broken bridges. If the customer can’t cross the bridge, he’ll take a detour and perhaps end up on another company’s website.

In Defense of White Space

Make your copy more reader friendly with white spaceYou’ve looked at the content of your website hundreds of times. You’ve painstakingly gone over each design element, each article, and each graphic. You’ve tweaked your flash animation and color scheme until you see them in your sleep. But what about the stuff between the content—the white space?

Website Usability and White Space

Theories on the importance or non-importance of white space vary greatly. Some decry white space as minimalistic or too simplistic. Others applaud pages that seem to be nothing but white space. For the average e-commerce website, how much is too much or too little? Does white space offer a legitimate function for website usability? When you use white space discriminately and with purpose, it absolutely delivers a visual punch and provides the following benefits to your website: