Conversionator V2 N25: Social Media Marketing

SuperMax Conversionator PPC Ad Copy Strategies, and Website Redesign Tips

Whether you’re looking for insights on social media, mobile websites, analytics metrics, PPP ad copy, or website redesign, this week’s edition is full of helpful tips:

– Insider tips are helpful and crucial to the effectiveness of social media channels so Ragan’s PR Daily put together a bevy of tips, plus a bonus “cheat sheet” SlideShare deck in The Basics: 30 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

– As smartphone penetration in the U.S. surges toward the 100 million mark, iMedia Connection’s Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Sites Fail offers some simple recommendations based on five of the most common mobile site fails

Website Redesign: Making it Usable


4 Biggest Mistakes in Website Redesign

Always start with a plan when you redesign a website.

Looking to redesign your website? If so, you probably have a list of things to check for usability problems.

Creating a customer friendly redesign typically means evaluating the current functionality of elements such as navigation, search, checkout process, shopping carts, and page design.

While each of these elements can influence usability and should be evaluated , don’t assume that checking off elements on a list like this one will give your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Redesign Your Website One Button at a Time

If you’ve just launched a website or a completed a redesign, you may be tempted think that you can sit back and relax, letting your website run for a while without any more changes. After all, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting it just perfect. Why start tweaking things now?

If you view web redesign as a one-time overhaul that incorporates major changes once or twice a year, it’s time to rethink your strategy. While redesigns of this type can be helpful at times, both you and your viewers will experience less frustration and greater satisfaction if you aim for continuous improvement to increase conversion rates.

How Do You Spell Do-Over?

Conversion Optimization and Usability in Website Redesign We see beautiful expensive websites every day that don’t produce. By that I mean, they don’t bring in leads or sales. They do not convert.

Too many web designers still create websites that require one, two or three thousand visitors to produce a lead or make a sale.

It’s easy to  throw around the term “user friendly”.  It sounds good and helps marketing efforts.   But if the site doesn’t produce, now it’s the client’s problem.