Using QR Codes to Improve Conversion

The Conversionator V2 N48: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Teaching Website Conversion 
This week’s edition covers copyright fair use in regards to images, using QR codes for better conversion rates, spelling importance in regards to SEO, a bunch of ecommerce websites tips and techniques for SEO, and dos and don’ts for building a website:

How Do You Spell Do-Over?

Conversion Optimization and Usability in Website Redesign We see beautiful expensive websites every day that don’t produce. By that I mean, they don’t bring in leads or sales. They do not convert.

Too many web designers still create websites that require one, two or three thousand visitors to produce a lead or make a sale.

It’s easy to  throw around the term “user friendly”.  It sounds good and helps marketing efforts.   But if the site doesn’t produce, now it’s the client’s problem.