Are You Comparing Your Site To Your Competition?

yoursite-vs-yourcompetitionBelieve it or not, the top people in your niche may have something going that you may be missing. A lot of this boils down to knowing your entire niche and what they are writing about. The other part is being mindful of what your visitors are searching for on your site. So, if you’re still having issues coming out on top, are you comparing your site to your competition?

Is Your Website Tricking or Treating Your Visitors?

Your Bounce Rate will Tell You What Your Visitors Think

Trick or treat Happy Halloween!

Today,  I thought we’d focus on a web analytics measurement that can give you a pretty clear indication if your website is a trick or a treat for your visitors.

Bounce rate is one of those metrics that may look discouraging at first, but that actually offers valuable information that can transform your website.

Bounces can indicate the success or failure of your website as a whole or of specific elements.

Your bounce rate can be a treasure trove of information aimed directly at the heart of your overall online success.

How Bounce Rate Is Measured

Just about all analytics programs have a metric for bounce rate. In Google Analtyics it is based on whether a visitor clicks on more than one page before leaving your website (if he doesn’t, that’s a bounce).

Web Analytics in a Nutshell

Web Analytics for Small BusinessWeb analytics is a field that needs to concern you as a small business owner.

This is information that helps you to determine not only the relative health of your website, but also points out which portions of your site are highly productive and which ones are dead or dying, and either are in need of rehabilitation or excision.

Increase Online Sales: Shed Some Light on the Facts

I’ve been on quite a few hiking trails, but there’s one I won’t soon forget.  It wasn’t the steepest, rockiest, or most strenuous trail.  But we hiked it at night, with no moon, and without flashlights.  I shuffled carefully along, following the voice and dim silhouette in front of me.

Oddly enough, many online store owners try to improve their websites and increase online sales the same way: slowly stumbling along in the dark.  Let’s shed some light on site optimization and talk about testing your improvement ideas.

Are You Using KPI's to Fine Tune Your Website?

Web analytics ninja’s like to toss around buzzword phrases such as “key performance indicators” or KPIs.  Sometimes, though, it can seem like any and every operational metric available becomes a KPI, with little differentiation between what data truly indicates functional success and what simply provides interesting, but low value details.  At the end of the day, a key performance indicator should live up to its name—it should be an effective measurement of how well your website meets its stated goals.

Five Best Free Web Analytics Tools

Everyone likes free stuff, especially if that free stuff can boost your website conversion rate. Here are five free tools available online to help you get started analyzing your website.

  1. Google Analytics – Certainly not the first web analytics tool out there, but easily the most popular, Google Analytics absolutely dominates the field, here. The developers pride themselves on its efficient displays and reporting functions, and frequent updates ensure a cutting edge experience. A big plus here is the ability to graphically separate different user demographics and explore your visitor data visually. The biggest complaint against the tool—that website accounts could never be deleted—has been resolved, leaving Google Analytics a strong option for anyone wanting to improve their website.

Do You Know Your Web Analytics Jargon?

girl nerd by katybateIn the sixth grade, I knew a girl who read dictionaries for fun. While other kids ran around during recess, kicking their hacky sacks—do they still have those?—and rubbing dirt into each other’s hair, this girl sat under a tree, her eyes skimming over individual definitions and sample sentences, reveling in whatever illumination she found there.

We snickered at her and continued playing what could loosely be interpreted as kickball—not sure we made as good a use of our time as her. Last I heard, she’s running a highly successful engineering consulting firm, which leads me to a general conclusion about my own field: sometimes in the wide world of web analytics it’s good to take a second and review the terminology. And especially if you’ve never taken the time to understand the jargon bantered about by the kids down in the IT basement, here’s a crash course on the relevant techno-slang.

Baby Stepping Your Way Into Conversion Optimization

David Fuller of Fuller Money first introduced us to the concept of Baby Steps at a stock market class we took from him on Behavorial Technical Analysis.  He had developed a method for gradually entering a commodities position in small bites and then gradually exiting the position in the same way, during very difficult market environments.