Social Media for Small Business Owners

Social Media Marketing StrategyBuilding a social media marketing strategy may sound intimidating if you’re a small business with limited personnel and time.

But the benefits far outweigh the challenges and social media can be a great way to get ahead of your competitors.

Social media for small businesses doesn’t have to consume all your time if you’re careful in your approach and you don’t jump in too quickly.

Contesting Your Way To Conversion

Picking the Contest Winners

Contest Winners by WonderMike

Easily one of the best ways you can drive traffic to your site and improve website conversion is to set up an online contest. Sure, most businesses cringe at the thought of managing a large scale competition of any kind, but contests are a remarkably cost effective way to generate rapid and widespread community interest, not to mention some valuable marketing data. It doesn’t take much to start out—just an idea, a prize, and someone in your company willing to handle a ton of extra email. If you’ve got a new iPhone (or related hot-ticket gizmo) and an intern who’s been spending a little too much time around the coffee machine lately, you’re all set.

What's Up with Google Buzz; Do I Need It For My Social Media Strategy?

google buzzIs anyone else starting to feel overwhelmed with the number of social media networks to keep up with? To add to the long list of ways to “join the conversation,” Google Buzz is a new social networking platform that launched this last Tuesday, February 9, 2010.  It is social networking tool that allows Gmail users to share updates, photos, videos, links and more instantaneously online and on Android phones and the iPhone.

Engage Your Visitors with Video

We got a new puppy (Truman), so I’ve been looking at a lot of dog training videos on the internet lately.  Even though Truman and I are going to puppy kindergarten, it’s really helpful watching the videos to see how other people teach their dogs to sit, stay and come.