How To Supercharge Your Testimonials

What’s wrong with this testimonial?

“I can’t say enough good things about Neal,  he’s helped our business out of a real mess”

Connie N., Brooklyn NY.

How much better would it be if it included:

  • Why Connie thinks that Neal is such a great guy –  Give us an example and the testimonial comes to life.
  •  How Neal helped Connie’s business  –  Give us some specific results and you’ve got a winning testimonial.
  • Connie’s last name and name of her business – gives a lot more credibility to the testimonial.

Testimonials For Small Businesses

What can they do for your small business?

Testimonials can be a powerful way to lend credibility to your online marketing efforts. But they must be real. With countless websites featuring product and company reviews, customers have become quite sophisticated – they can spot a “plant” testimonial from a company spokesperson a mile away!