Is Your Website a Jargon-Free Zone?

Caution...Confusing Language Ahead

Caution…Confusing Language Ahead

Argonjay is such an easy trap to fall into.  Ordsway or asesphray that are commonly used in your industry or business can be a complete mystery to people outside your industry.


In Pig Latin, the children’s language game, “jargon” becomes argonjay, “words” becomes ordsway and “phrases”  asesphray.  When you stumbled over the words and wasted time trying to figure out what I was saying you experienced the negative impact of using jargon in your communications.

Jargon is everywhere.  It’s the words that are part of the everyday vocabulary of a particular group or profession that are only partially understood, if at all, by the rest of us. Problem is that jargon is no longer isolated to technology geeks and the medical profession.

You probably use some jargon every day.  Words that are specific to what you do. Words that you’re sure everyone understands, only to be shocked that they don’t.

Using jargon on your website is one of the biggest reasons for potential customers to hit the back button and find a site that is simpler to understand. No one sets out to use jargon-speak, but it remains prevalent on websites, because it’s so difficult to recognize.