What Your Visitors Are Looking For That Determine How Long They Remain

convert-thumbnailYour site visitors are looking for something to fulfill a need. It may be a physical or emotional one. If your not fulfilling that need, then they won’t stay that long. The long your visitors stay, the more likely they are to: leave a comment, fill out a lead form, buy a product or service, or sign up for your website’s newsletter. You even want them to keep returning to your site. This article will let you know exactly what they want and some tips to achieving your goals.

Better Popup Optin Strategies

popup-optin-box-example-thumbnailPopup optins can be a blessing or a curse. It’s no surprise that for new visitors, an immediate pop up might be annoying. However, for some sites, the popup actually converts more subscribers.

Remember, a popup optin is just another conversion tool. Just because one site uses it, doesn’t mean every site has to use it. The trick is to putting a better popup optin strategy together that works for your website. Here are some of the strategies for you to think about for your own site.

Are Your 404 Error Pages Engaging?

The Conversionator V2 N51: Weekly Insights and Ideas

SuperMax ConversionatorThis week’s edition includes some creative examples of 404 error pages, 30 social media marketing tips, a bit of pricing strategy guidance, PPC campaign improvement tips and an explanation of how Google ranks names:

– When someone lands on a 404 error page, there is only one of two things they can do: either give your site another shot or just back out and disappear. WPMU.org’s 105 Weird and Wonderful 404 Error Pages provides creative examples of 404 pages that just might convince visitors to stick around

Do You Have A Strategy for Your Landing Pages?

StrategyEveryone knows that in order to convert well, you need a landing page that compels viewers to action.

But what actually goes into creating such a page?

A landing page needs more than a list of best practices in order to increase online sales with conversion optimization.

Success must be built in from the ground up based on a purposeful, well-crafted landing page strategy.

Website Redesign: 4 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

4 Biggest Mistakes in Website Redesign Planning to redesign your website? Before you dive in, make sure you know how to avoid these four commonly made mistakes that will undermine your conversion optimization efforts.

1.       Failure to Create a Strategy

Jumping into a web site redesign without planning first will ensure that you major on the minors and leave the majors undone.

Your strategy should include a cohesive advertising theme that corresponds to your offsite marketing and pay per click campaigns. Focus on building your brand, not just building your site.

Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Increasing Your Conversion Rates By Optimizing Your Social Media Strategy

Conversion rates often seem to operate parallel to social media efforts rather than actually intersecting with them. Social media does a great job increasing the quantity of leads, but what’s the point if the website itself doesn’t convert well?

Map Out Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Map Out Your Social Media Marketing StrategyAll my friends have GPS systems in their cars.  I don’t.  It always catches me by surprise when they say, ‘“Oh, I’ll just put the address in my Garmin,” and it always catches them by surprise when I show up with printed maps in my hand.

Despite differences in technology, I have something in common with my friends: none of us wants to get lost.  Unfortunately many businesses speed out onto the road of social media without a map.  If you want to really increase your conversion rates, you need to develop a good social media marketing strategy.

What's Up with Google Buzz; Do I Need It For My Social Media Strategy?

google buzzIs anyone else starting to feel overwhelmed with the number of social media networks to keep up with? To add to the long list of ways to “join the conversation,” Google Buzz is a new social networking platform that launched this last Tuesday, February 9, 2010.  It is social networking tool that allows Gmail users to share updates, photos, videos, links and more instantaneously online and on Android phones and the iPhone.

Five Things to Watch for in Social Media for 2010

For companies, 2010 will be about more clearly connecting social media to business objectives and better understanding how to measure the direct and indirect return on investment of social media. Integrating social media into the sales funnel to support lead generation and transactions will be a top priority.

Here is what to watch out for in 2010 for social media: