4 Steps To Starting Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Like any technologically based marketing operative, social media constantly evolves, presenting new opportunities for exposure and watching the old favorites fall by the wayside.

Because of the dynamic nature of the venue, learning social media isn’t so much about becoming an expert on any one or two popular sites, although you’ll need someone on your marketing team with that knowledge.

Instead, the key to successful social media marketing is knowing how to capitalize on the unique opportunities social media presents and being willing to change your techniques as the technology changes.

Leveling the Playing Field: Social Media for Small Businesses

Leveling the Playing Field with Social Media

Boy with a Ball by kthypryn

No one likes to be the last one picked for kickball at recess.  It seemed like the little guys finished last a lot on the playground.

That is, it seemed that way until those little kids figured out their advantages.

The business world isn’t that different.  There are big companies that look fast, strong, and ready to score whenever they come to the plate.

Level the Playing Field

There are small businesses that feel like their legs are too short and weak to kick and run well.  However, there are some ways that small business owners can level the field.  Social media for small businesses is a great way for the “little guys” to compete with the big companies.

Devote an Hour a Day to Social Media

The value of social media for small businesses is outstanding.  You have the opportunity to get involved with a growing network of people who might never discover you any other way.