How to Get New Customers To Become Repeat Customers

The Conversionator™ V1 N6: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion Ideas V1 N6‘Tis the season when everyone is everywhere doing everything and the variety of the topics being covered in this week’s roundup reflect the abundant frenzied behavior:

Customer Retention

– In eCommerce, there should be an almost equal focus on acquisition, conversion, and customer retention since customers that have an excellent experience from purchase to delivery (and beyond if they need to return items) are more likely to come back to your site to make future purchases.  Econsultancy put together 10 reasons why Xmas shoppers won’t return to your site highlighting 10 key things to avoid that should help boost customer loyalty and are appropriate to have in place all year long

The Bottom Line for Great Web Conversion Rates

Customer Satisfaction Leads to Repeat Business Ask an average web designer what the key metric for determining online success is, and you’ll get lots of opinions, but one that consistently tops the list in many minds is unique visitors.

If you had 500 visitors per day last month, and after your web design you now are getting 1,000 visitors per day, many designers will tell you you’ve achieved success. But have you really?

If those 1,000 visitors aren’t sticking around to make a purchase and aren’t coming back, you haven’t really gained anything. How, then, do you increase web conversion rates so that those unique visitors will become repeat customers?

Are Repeat Customers Part of Your Conversion Strategy?

Increase Conversion with Repeat CustomersThink about your favorite store for a moment. It’s the first place you go when you need to buy a particular item. You’ve probably got different favorites for clothing, electronics, groceries, etc.

Now, ask yourself what it is about those stores that keep you coming back. Is it just the price? Probably not—otherwise, the pricier stores would all be out of business. More likely, it’s one of three things: the quality of merchandise, the customer service, or the ease of shopping. At the really great stores, you’ll find all three.