Copywriting for Conversion: Headline Tips

Five Essential Elements of a Great Headline

Perhaps the most important element of your landing page, the headline has the power to engage your readers’ attention and funnel them toward conversion.

Poorly written headlines can also increase your bounce rate faster than a kid on a pogo stick. By honing these five essential copywriting for conversion techniques you can use your headlines to pull people in and convince them to keep reading.

Reducing Your Bounce Rate: Why do Visitors Bounce?

You are overwhelmed with frustration as you scan across your website administration page. Business is good, but you are annoyed at your page bounce rate. It is not alarmingly high, but it is enough to be noticeable. Now you are going to spend the rest of your day wondering what the problem with your website may be.

The bounce rate is the number of visitors who exit your website almost as soon as they enter it. This number is not one of the more serious statistics pertaining to your website, but if it is relatively high, then you might need to re-evaluate some things.