Logical Path to the Back Button

back button Marketing Experiments like to talk about the ‘Logical Path to Conversion’.

Steve Krug, in his book “Don’t Make Me Think”, makes the point that every new visitor arrives at a website with a limited amount of patience and good will.

How do these connect to the back button?

Why Push When You Can Pull?

The vast majority of marketers are stuck in an old paradigm . . . push marketing.

We’ve all experienced push marketing, however, there is a revolt underway. We no longer have to listen to commercials that don’t interest us, DVR’s have changed the way we watch television and television advertising.

Infomercials, Direct mail, e-mail marketing, and all forms of print advertising still work, but consumers are demanding more control over how products and information are presented to them.

Is the Traditional Approach to Selling Dead?

The Ultimate Push MarketerWhen you think about traditional selling  – what comes to mind?  Is it the used car salesman?  The TV pitchman?

After 4 decades of experience in the “traditional approach” to selling, we have fully embraced the new paradigm. Whether you use words like “outbound marketing” vs. “inbound marketing” or “push” vs. “pull”, it doesn’t make any difference, and it’s shocking how many people don’t get it.