Conversionator V2 N25: Social Media Marketing

SuperMax Conversionator PPC Ad Copy Strategies, and Website Redesign Tips

Whether you’re looking for insights on social media, mobile websites, analytics metrics, PPP ad copy, or website redesign, this week’s edition is full of helpful tips:

– Insider tips are helpful and crucial to the effectiveness of social media channels so Ragan’s PR Daily put together a bevy of tips, plus a bonus “cheat sheet” SlideShare deck in The Basics: 30 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

– As smartphone penetration in the U.S. surges toward the 100 million mark, iMedia Connection’s Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Sites Fail offers some simple recommendations based on five of the most common mobile site fails

Improve Your PPC Conversion Rate

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns need to be profitable. So paying for clicks that don’t convert can be frustrating and potentially expensive.

How do you turn more of those clicks into sales or leads? Here are, a few ideas to get you started improving your PPC conversion rate.

  • Carefully read your competitor’s ads, before you write your own ad copy. Your goal is to differentiate your ad from your competitor’s ads. Give potential customers a reason to click on your ad instead of your competitors.
  • The value/benefit of your product and your company needs to come through in your advertising copy. Potential customers have a problem they’re trying to solve, a need they’re trying to meet, how does your product or service help them do that?