Catering to the Differences Within Your Target Market

Who are you?Scrutinize any group of people closely enough and you’ll be able to identify drastic differences in personalities and approaches to various activities. Your target market is no different.

You may have done a stellar job identifying your target market, but can you say you really know them? Or do you just treat them all as “average” consumers? Let’s take a look at the four personality types, as described by Bryan Eisenberg in his book Always Be Testing,  that emerge from shopper behavior in order to understand your target market better.

Targeting Your Target Market

Target Market Do you view your visitors as people? Or are they an undefined group of “target customers” who are daring you to persuade them?

If you haven’t devoted time to understanding your visitors, you may find yourself in the dark when it comes to marketing to them. To effectively market to a group of people, you need to understand who they are and how they shop.

Website Redesign: Making it Usable


4 Biggest Mistakes in Website Redesign

Always start with a plan when you redesign a website.

Looking to redesign your website? If so, you probably have a list of things to check for usability problems.

Creating a customer friendly redesign typically means evaluating the current functionality of elements such as navigation, search, checkout process, shopping carts, and page design.

While each of these elements can influence usability and should be evaluated , don’t assume that checking off elements on a list like this one will give your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Improve Website Conversion and Usability by Creating Personas

When a visitor comes to your site, they come there with a specific purpose in mind.  Even though it would be fun to just surf around the internet finding new and interesting sites, most of us have pretty severe time constraints.  Visitors need to know right away if your site is the place where they can buy the product they want, answer their question(s), or get them the information they need.