A/B Testing – Ready, Set, Go


Never stop testingTesting is the single best way to move your website from a conversion laggard to a conversion star.

Through testing you’ll learn exactly what gets more of your visitors signing up to become customers. But if you’ve never done it before it can be a little intimidating.

Let’s take a look at some common concerns expressed about starting an  A/B testing program.


A/B Split Test or Multivariate Test?

An A/B split test compares your current webpage to one or several variations of your current page. When we start a testing program we’ll often use an A/B test to test out several radically different pages to see which one visitors respond to the best.

Increase Online Sales: Shed Some Light on the Facts

I’ve been on quite a few hiking trails, but there’s one I won’t soon forget.  It wasn’t the steepest, rockiest, or most strenuous trail.  But we hiked it at night, with no moon, and without flashlights.  I shuffled carefully along, following the voice and dim silhouette in front of me.

Oddly enough, many online store owners try to improve their websites and increase online sales the same way: slowly stumbling along in the dark.  Let’s shed some light on site optimization and talk about testing your improvement ideas.

What are A/B and Multivariate Testing?

So you’ve set up your website, figured out a great offer to give to visitors, and are excited about the piles of business that you just know are coming soon. One problem, though. None of your site’s visitors are converting. What do you do? Before throwing your hands in the air in frustration, consider that your site’s design could benefit from an A/B test.