How Engaging are Your Meta Descriptions?

Why bother with meta tags? These small descriptions pop into search engines when your site appears in a search engine. It may be tempting to ignore those tags altogether: they provide no SEO boost, and will drive no more automated traffic from search engines to your site.

 However, they are guaranteed to make or break a click. Without an engaging meta tag description, someone may look over the service or product you provide and go to the next search result.

Bounce Rate: Are You Unintentionally Misleading Your Visitors?

Bounce Rate Your bounce rate refers to the number of people who come to your site and leave before clicking through to another page.  They land on a page and leave.

While this could be all of the potential customers who took one look and then decided to exit, this number also includes visitors who went to your site, realized it wasn’t what they thought, and then departed.

Today we want to pay attention to the second group – those visitors who were potentially misled.