Better Popup Optin Strategies

popup-optin-box-example-thumbnailPopup optins can be a blessing or a curse. It’s no surprise that for new visitors, an immediate pop up might be annoying. However, for some sites, the popup actually converts more subscribers.

Remember, a popup optin is just another conversion tool. Just because one site uses it, doesn’t mean every site has to use it. The trick is to putting a better popup optin strategy together that works for your website. Here are some of the strategies for you to think about for your own site.

Map Out Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Map Out Your Social Media Marketing StrategyAll my friends have GPS systems in their cars.  I don’t.  It always catches me by surprise when they say, ‘“Oh, I’ll just put the address in my Garmin,” and it always catches them by surprise when I show up with printed maps in my hand.

Despite differences in technology, I have something in common with my friends: none of us wants to get lost.  Unfortunately many businesses speed out onto the road of social media without a map.  If you want to really increase your conversion rates, you need to develop a good social media marketing strategy.

Traditional Marketing is from Mars, Social Media is from Venus

Social Media vs. Traditional Marketing Men and women communicate differently. It’s an age-old problem, one that has provided the inspiration for thousands of jokes, books, magazine articles, and “I can’t believe he said that!” stories.

An entire marketing niche has built up around the attempt to help men and women understand one another, but when it comes down to it, the only way to solve the problem is to set aside pre-conceived ideas and spend time learning about one another’s differences.

In a sense, traditional marketing and social media run into some of the same roadblocks. Traditional marketing tends toward male characteristics such as concrete thinking, direct communication and problem solving.

Social media, on the other hand, lends itself to female traits like listening, sharing viewpoints, and interaction. Surviving in this new marketing climate will require understanding social media and learning to redefine traditional marketing concepts.

Do You Have A Marketing Plan?

Increase Website Sales by Targeting Your CustomersWe all know that marketing your online business is important, but do you have a marketing plan? Have you set up goals, for increasing your website traffic and online sales, that you’d like to achieve by the end of 2010? Without a plan, and without goals, how do you know that your marketing dollars are being spenteffectively?