Live Chat: An Untapped Resource to Increase Leads & Sales

Live ChatIn the conversion optimization world, it’s often suggested that businesses avoid tacking trendy gadgets onto their websites merely in an effort to appear cool or up-to-date.

In the past, live chat may have fallen into that category, especially when the live chat box popped up and obscured the page the customer was looking at.

These days, however, live chat software has matured, developing into a valuable tool that can increase online sales in previously unimagined ways.

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The Conversionator V3 N2: Weekly Insights and Ideas

Weekly Roundup of Conversion IdeasThis week’s edition includes A/B marketing tests to consider, meta tag importance, live chat benefits, website checklist suggestions, and some insightful research on remarketing to shopping cart abandoners:

28 Simple Marketing Tests to Launch in 2012 from HubSpot breaks down the benefits of A/B testing and lists places you can leverage the power of A/B testing that you might not have thought of before