Creating Great Website Navigation from Scratch

Chocolate Chip Cookies Have you ever tried baking chocolate chip cookies from memory without a recipe? You know you have to add flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and chocolate chips (and maybe a few other things), but if you can’t remember in what order and what quantity the ingredients should be added, you’re more likely to end up with mushy lumps that taste like soap than you are delectable cookies.

It's All About Presentation

Tips for Increasing Your Online Sales
Are youIncrease Online Sales disappointed at your low online sales volume and/or lack of repeat visitors?

If so, your problem may not be your product so much as your presentation. A great product can be lost if it’s presented in a way that doesn’t grab the viewer’s attention and keep him interested. Even a so-so product can sell like hotcakes if the presentation is right.

With that in mind, take a hard look at your website and ask yourself whether it’s designed to sell. Start by assessing some basics that, when done right, can help increase website sales exponentially.