How To Make Your Own Landing Page in Genesis

landingpagesplusgenesis-thumbnailThe Genesis theme framework by StudioPress is robust and easy to use. While there are premium plugins that can help you build a landing page, if you’re already using Genesis, or a Genesis child theme, making your own landing page is a lot easier.

Frankly, landing pages don’t have to be extremely fancy. They need to be persuasive and informative while driving people to that call of action on your page. If you don’t have your strategy down, then your plan to get people to buy something or sign up for something will fail.

5 Tips for Creating Magical Landing Pages

 Create  a magical landing page

Learn to create magical landing pages.

Converting visits to conversions doesn’t require magic powers.

Even though it sometimes seems that way. You don’t have to be an expert in subliminal messages or psychology (although it helps to understand how your audience thinks).

What you do need is a landing page optimization plan and a testing strategy to help you put it in place. If you don’t have one yet, start with these basic, yet essential, steps.

Landing Page Design Tips

Landing Page Optimization If you’re seeking to develop landing pages that work, you’ll need to do a little more than slap all the relevant information up on a page and hope for the best.

Truly effective landing pages follow proven tricks of the trade to ensure the highest rates of conversion and to give the reader a reason to click. Consider implementing these landing page design tips to increase the conversion capabilities of your landing pages.

Boost your Conversion with Landing Pages

Landing Page You’re in business. Your business is on the Internet. That means you want conversions.

 To some, a simple website isn’t enough. Many businesses invest in landing pages that are specifically geared to convert visitors from an advertising campaign, email campaign or social media campaign.

What is a landing page? How should you format your landing page? How do you siphon visitors to your landing page? What are some best practices for optimizing that landing page? Read on for a brief overview.