What's So Special About A Landing Page?

Landing Page

How effective are your landing pages?

If “landing page” sounds like just another techie term that makes running a website complicated, you’re not alone.

Plenty of companies miss the concept of a  altogether and end up using the term to describe any old page on their site.

But if that’s all you expect, you’re missing out on a huge conversion opportunity.

What’s so special about a landing page? Let’s take a look.

The Technical Definition

Technically, a landing page is any page a visitor lands on when he clicks through to your site from another place. He might reach you through a paid search ad, a Google search result, a link to your site on Facebook or LinkedIn or a link on another site.

Sounds like just a page on your website, but practically speaking, these pages carry much more significance than you might think at first.

Landing Pages, Practically Speaking

In the conversion optimization arena, landing pages are carefully crafted pages designed with the purpose of moving the visitor toward conversion. When a customer clicks your PPC ad or a link on Facebook, she should land on a page that captures her attention, answers her questions, and persuades her to take the next step by clicking on the call to action.

What Can a Landing Page Do for You?

What is a landing page on a website? It’s a page with a purpose.

Unlike home pages, or other random pages on your website, these carefully designed pages communicate one message, have one goal, and pour all their persuasive effort into accomplishing that goal.

Creating designated landing pages can significantly boost your conversion rates by letting visitors know they’ve arrived in the right spot and telling them what to do next.

When your customers click on a link that says “Holiday Blowout Sale” do they see a generic home page with a teeny “Sale Items” link in the left sidebar?

Or, do they see a page with an image that matches the ad graphic, a headline that uses the same wording, and a persuasive call to action?

By clicking on the ad in the first place, the visitor has already expressed interest in your Holiday Blowout Sale. It’s the job of the landing page to capitalize on that interest, stir up even more interest, and give the visitor a reason to keep clicking.

If you’re dumping visitors on your home page, stop! Landing pages can turn dismal conversion rates into dollar signs with just a little effort and design know-how.