The Skinny on SEO for Images

image-seoImages on websites are suppose to help a site. The purpose usually is to attract new buyers, readers, and subscribers. Images are also something that people can immediately connect with and decide in a moment whether they like you or what you’re saying, or maybe they will leave your site and never return.

Just plopping up an image won’t do. Of course, for the visitor, they don’t care, but for search engines like Google, those images can be a leg up on getting traffic.

So, how can you capitalize on this? In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize your images for search engines.

5 Tips to Improve Conversion on your Home Page

Home Page It seems intuitive that your home page should receive considerable attention in order to draw people in and entice them to explore further since it is often the first point of contact.

However, many home pages fail to maximize their full potential, managing instead to fumble the ball and let visitors slip away.

You can increase your website’s conversion rate on your home page immediately by implementing these five essential tips.

Enhancing Your Images for Website Usability

Enhancing Your Images for Usability Granted, the vast majority of website usability tips will concern your website design and copy. Most information people are looking for is in your navigation structure and your page text. However, images play a key role in website usability, as well.

A single picture can draw the eye from a sea of text, and a skilled web designer will carefully arrange images to pull the visitor along toward navigation features, action points, or any other place that leads to web conversion. Here are a few quick suggestions for the images on your site.